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We strongly believe that science can reverse blindness. For this reason, we fund innovative research aimed at developing groundbreaking strategies able to prevent and treat eye pathologies that cause vision loss, with devastating consequences on the lives of the affected ones and their families. The list of untreatable ocular pathologies is far too long and we want to make this list shorter and shorter.

A Charity With a Vision

Reversing Blindness

Making possible the impossible; this is every child’s dream, they want to have superpowers, they believe in superpowers.
There is always an episode that determines crucial choices in our lives; mine happened one afternoon when I was ten years old.
A child walked into my father’s practice, he was a talented doctor, we started to play together; he was five years old, his eyes were sunken and small, he was continuously rubbing them to perceive light flashes (or impulses), trying to escape the darkness.
My father told me that the child was completely blind, his blindness was
incurable because his retinal system had not developed.
My future was born: I have decided to become an ophthalmologist.
Years later, as a vitreo-retinal surgeon I was in Bonn working with my mentor, and the dream of scientific research for reversing blindness was slowly becoming reality.
Since then, with the passion of a visionary that never abandoned me, I
always continued working in the developing field of artificial vision.
“Making possible the impossible” it’s still my personal and professional mission,that’s why I have decided to create a Foundation able to fund projects and research to lead the blind out of the darkness.
I couldn’t help that child, but that child is everybody who deserves a possibility to see or achieve a better sight, that is my vision, which means making the impossible possible.

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Annalisa Minetti

Italian songwriter, Paralympic athlete and Model

Minetti was a beauty pageant contestant in the 1997 edition of Miss Italia. In 1998 she won the 48th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Senza te o con te”. She gained public attention because she was the first blind woman admitted to the competition. She competed in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in the 1500 metres in the T12 event. She ended the race in third position but set a new world record for her class.

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